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 There is pleasure for each of the four seasons at Hakone Sengokuhara.

Welcome to Hakone Hot Springs “Yama no Shou –The Mountain Province” I am the manageress of this hotel and I would like to introduce you to each of the four seasons at Hakone Sengokuhara In spring, you will be fascinated with the variety of beautiful flowers. We recommend you to wander around the Botanical Garden of Wetlands behind the hotel. In summer, how about feeling the refreshing wind on the plateau. Here is a summer resort which is about two hours from Central Tokyo. Guests using cars can get here easily via Gotenba.. In autumn, you can enjoy “a season of autumn leaves hunting” which is how we describe the seasonal viewing of autumnal leaves in Japan, and, you can enjoy the extensive pampas grass wilderness of Sengokuhara which is about 10 minutes on foot. In winter, the inverted figure of Mt.Fuji can be seen from near Hakone Shrine reflected in the Lake Ashi where the winter air is crisp and clear. The scenery is superb along with warming yourself in the hot springs. Hakone Hot Springs “Yama no Shou-The Mountain Province” welcomes the guests with the spirit of “Hospitality” which is the essence of the Japanese. We are looking forward to being able to seeing you someday.

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Recommended tourist spots

▼箱根湿生花園/Hakone Wet Garden

Hakone Wet Garden is behind the hotel. It is about 5 minutes on foot to the entrance. In addition to 200 wetland plants, 1,100 species of grasslands, forests and alpine plants are gathered in the park. Also there are 1,700 kinds of plants including foreign mountain plants that are flowering during each season.

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